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"RYD or DIE" is a rogue-like action dungeon crawler with a fun Job System. Each job has 2 abilities that enhance 2 of the player's stats. Level up the player by defeating enemies and have your stats grow based on your job choice. Leveling up jobs not only increases how much they enhance your abilities but will eventually lead to mastery. Mastering a job permanently increases your stat growth for every level AND unlocks even more JOBS. Fight through increasingly stronger enemies in 3 different biomes. Experience all 16 jobs, from Thief to Janitor, in RYD OR DIE. The game includes:

  • 16 unlockable classes
  • 32 unique abilities (2 per class)
  • 3 unique procedurally generated job-sites
  • 25 Unique enemies
  • 25 Unique artifacts to collect
  • 7 stats
  • endless fun!

This game was made in 2 Weeks for Global Game Jam 2022! 

  • Fred Schmidt - Project Lead, Design, Game Programmer - 
  • Gizmo199- Lead Programmer, Systems Engineer, UI Programmer 
  • Matt Gifford - Art Lead
  • Sora Chung - Programming
  • Ryan Kuster - Graphics/Animation
  • Chris McRae - Composer
  • Brandon Wheatley - Sound Design
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorsSeracrooce (Fred), Gizmo199
TagsAction RPG, job-system, Roguelike, Top-Down


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Version 10

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Yet agaib with another fast paced action game Gizmo199.. xD

I hope this Walkthrough Play is something that can help you, maybe you can spot something for the development of the game as well. Personally, I had fun and did not have any major issue. Although I am worried about the whole coin payment in order to progress, they keep getting higher and it is hard to collect enough to pass through.


Amazing! Thank you so much again! This helps us a ton! :D


Great work guys, I love it!

Thank you! I'm so happy you are enjoying it! :)


Thank you!

(1 edit) (+1)

Nice roguelike game, but  there seems to be an issue, when you master a job/class, you unlock other jobs/classes, right? Well unfortunately it seems to all go downhill from there, you see, when you use the new class you unlock it's so hard to actually "win", you barley do any damage to  the enemies, and when dealing with a plethora of enemies it becomes too overwhelming, and it's so hard not to get sandwiched (especially in the office biome). It's starts to become a no-brainer using the class you mastered ( which was the wizard for me) especially when you're able to  one hit  enemies. So you might wanna fix that. (And to make the game even BETTER you should add a "pug" artifact *wink* *wink* )

wow thanks so much for the feedback!! Yeah we absolutely have some tweaking to do with the difficulty! This was great! We really appreciate it and will work on dampening enemies for sure!!! :)


Thanks for the feedback! Still a lot of tweaking to do and comments like this give us great data to inform those decisions.